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Stakes Odds Average Won Lost Profit ROI Yield
118 2.71 51 (47.2%) 57 2768 27.68% 7.22%


We enjoy betting and even though we think that the industry could be a lot better we find exciting opportunities in this market and use them to our advantage. While looking for high-value bets we advocate transparency, which stands at the core of our values. 


Every business has a beginning, and I have started mine some 10 years ago. My name is Rox and I will show you how to earn money placing bets on football. Every prediction you see here is a result of my hard analytical work and a good understanding of the betting market. 

I can’t stress enough that earning a good steady income betting in football is really hard. I think that most of the football tipsters consider themselves experts in football betting simply because they love football, know all of the major players and are up to date on all the football news. But in reality, there is much more to sports betting than that. To be sure of a reliable profit over various markets you have to look at it as a full-time job that requires both discipline and skill.


People seem to ignore the fact that football betting is a business and, for the most part, a successful one if only you approach it with the right attitude, study the market and use that knowledge to your advantage.  As in most businesses, the most important thing in football betting is the numbers. 

To be profitable in the betting markets, a bettor needs two things: an edge over the bookmaker and a well-planned staking method. So, obviously, you have to have prerequisite mathematical skills. Secondly, you must dedicate time learning about the relationship between the odds and probabilities. Many bettors find that boring and overwhelming, but it is nonetheless necessary if you want to understand how the betting market works and have it provide you with a steady income.

The key element of success in football betting is not about continuously picking the winners but to predict the outcome of games more accurately than the bookmakers’ odds. Most of the odds that are given out by the bookmakers favor the bookmakers themselves, which means that in the long run, they end up with all of the money. However, if you learn how to identify value bets (situations where the probability of the outcome is greater than the odds offered by bookmakers) you have a chance to beat them.

So without the knowledge of statistics and probability, it will be impossible. 

If you have the determination and patience to learn and time to spend looking for value in the betting market then you can be a profitable bettor. Otherwise, I would suggest you just bet for fun. Time and skill are two key variables for every investment. The best results come for those who are patient enough to see the results appear. The same happens around any business.


I can’t stress it enough. And while I see betting on football as a way to make money rather than lose it, it’s important to remember that no form of investing (or any form of trading or business for that matter) could ever be risk-free, and gambling is located at one of the top positions on the overall risk-return spectrum.

When you enter the sports betting market, no matter how skillful or trustworthy you or the tipster you chose to manage your bankroll are, you must remember that you’re putting your money at risk. Therefore, I always stress to my clients to only bet money that they can afford to lose. Once you decided on a bankroll you can afford, don’t bet any more than 1-3% of your initial bankroll on a single bet – this strategy is less volatile and much more likely to achieve positive results in the long-run.


Your attitude to betting – and, even more so, your attitude to winning or losing – will have a huge effect on your performance in this market. It is important to realize, that betting is about the long game: some days you may have a loss, and other times you may just break even. What matters is your long-term returns and with our tips and disciplined money management, you will watch your bankroll grow steadily.